Stars and stripes. Foto: Bobby Mikul


USA-valget oppsummert

Vi har fått flere rapporter fra USA denne høsten. Nå har vi fått våre skribenter til å oppsummere valgthrilleren for oss.

Svarene, og meningene, fra våre luftpost-venner i USA står for deres egen regning, og  faktapåstander de kommer med kan være omstridte.

Samantha Moorer, California

Foto: Privat

California er den staten som sender flest valgmenn, 55 i tallet. Den folkerike staten har fått et stort antall latin-amerikanske velgere og disse har vært med på å tippe skålen i demokratisk retning. 2020-valget viser en klar ledelse for Biden i denne staten.


Samantha Moorer er en skoleinspektør i California. Hun skrev en luftpost til oss og skrev om hvordan rasisme har påvirket hennes liv i etterdønningene av de store Black Lives matter-demonstrasjonene som foregikk i USA tidligere i høst.

Jeg synger også, Amerika … fortsatt

Her er Samanthas svar på våre spørsmål:

  1. Can you sum up the result in the presidential election in your state?
    For days, I endured sleepless nights tossing and turning with my weary, hope-seeking eyes often popping open. They searched with anticipation for a much needed break from this fever 4 years long. It intensified on November 3rd and lingered relentlessly in the following days. My belly ached in constipation by what we had been force fed for 1,387 days without reprieve: an endless buffet of empty, caloric promises and liquid fear like salt water leaving me dehydrated and thirsty for hope and justice.

    I knew what the polls said leading up to this presidential election, but what would the majority of America say? Red or blue were the political choices and these same colors would represent the emotions of all at the conclusion of the matter:
    1. Red for those angry at the loss, while on the other hand, the same color representing a renewed, deep hearted pride that America chose well.
    2. Blue would symbolize a gratuitous disappointment for some and clearer skies ahead for others. Without question, I knew that California would go in favor of Joe Biden. Therefore, it did not surprise me when the 55 electoral college votes were added to Mr. Biden’s total. However, I worried about the rest of the country. I reflected on a meme I had seen days prior that compared voting to a group project: “I did my part. I am waiting to see if you did yours.”


  1. Did the result suprise you? (Please specify why, why not)
    What did surprise me was the record number of popular and electoral college votes achieved for his opponent. Two words: “How?” “Why?”

    I had always known that America had different faces. These faces represented both the diverse beauty of its cultures as well as the frequent, contradictory actions often revealing whom our Constitution truly protected. Even still, I believed we were individual faces on a singular body who all believed in the American Dream, opportunity, and generational advancement. The election of 2020 caused me to realize that there are two Americas. They are as conjoined twins facing opposite directions with individual limbs but one spine. They both have their own unique perspectives of reality, but share in their commitment to keeping the backbone of America straight and strong while believing that it is their value system that keeps America upright.

    Which head would wear the crown? No doubt it would be heavier than most.


  1. What are your feelings after the election?
    It was 8:29am. I was watching the tv show “Hoarders” trying to distract myself from the angst that hung over the world’s head like a cloud threatening either a light shower or a hurricane. Later I came to realize that watching “Hoarders” was symbolic of America’s hoarding dilemma. Its four years of hoarding verbal and tweeted congestion, musty misinformation, stacks of fear, and the stench of centuries old racial inequality had incurred so many code violations against humanity to sound an alarm of a bill past due. All this in an outwardly beautiful home on a strong constitutional foundation. The secret was now out and it required a much needed deep cleaning. A minute later, I received a text that simply said,“Biden Won!” As an African American woman, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. After screaming for joy, running around, calling loved ones, I watched the blue celebrations on television for President Elect Joe Biden and the first female and African American/Indian Vice President Elect, Kamala Harris.

    I was determined not to allow naysayers to steal my joy almost four years in the making. They still haven’t.
  1. What are your thoughts on where the US is heading in the next four years?
    In days following the 7th, my hope has returned and my joy has calmed, but the reality is that 71 million of my brothers and sisters did not celebrate on that day and in the days after. Red with anger and or blue with disappointment is their mood.
    I sincerely hope it does not turn into concrete in which they are stuck. I do not gloat in this for we remain as these conjoined twins sharing one spine. Both are necessary for which to stand. There is much healing to do in America and I am concerned for her future. Our connected nation must learn to move in unison in order for the country to have synchronicity and master the art of a truly, democratic waltz. If not, separation will kill us both.

    While the fever has subsided a little for me and many, for others the uptick has just begun. I was the one afraid for the past 4 years, and so they may be in the next. The red and blue twins merely switched directions with the opposite side now facing a perceived, bright sunrise and the other, a foreboding sunset. But perception is everything and only time will tell if we as a country and as twin souls will release ourselves from our staunch and stubborn mindsets and agree to experience both the dawn and dusk harmoniously in a constant 360 degree rotation.

Carole Lieber, Virginia

Carole Lieber og presidentkandidat Joe Biden.
Foto: privat

Virginia har 13 valgmenn. Staten i det nordøstlige USA ble vunnet av Joe Biden. Donald Trump fikk god støtte ute på landsbygda, mens det var Joe Biden som fikk flest stemmer i byene.

Carole Lieber er en av de mange frivillige som i en årrekke har jobbet for demokratiske kandidater i USA. Hun har kjent Biden i mange år og hun skrev en luftpost til oss om hvorfor hun støtter Biden.

Biden vil løfte nasjonens sjel 

Dette er svarene vi fikk fra Carole: 

  1. Can you sum up the result in the presidential election in your state?


    We have been working diligently in Virginia for many years to secure a democratic majority and the results of our race was what I expected them to be – a continuation of voters in the Commonwealth supporting democratic values and recognition that the current administration has failed many citizens of Virginia in addition to exploiting divisions.
  1. Did the result suprise you? (Please specify why, why not)


    As our urban centers expand and are increasingly diverse, we have experienced larger margins of votes for democratic candidates and champions of progressive issues. It was no surprise to look at our electoral map and acknowledge the demographics of the area and how that influenced the vote. We also had incredibly dedicated staff and volunteers who focused and lead with a positive vision. And we were joined by volunteers from coalitions such as Asian Americans for Biden and Republicans for Biden as well as National Security Leaders for Biden that had a tremendous positive impact on the outcome. Also Veterans and military family members, who the current President has spoken of so dismissively joined together and sent a strong message of support for Joe Biden. Because I worked closely with these groups for many months, I was not surprised to see how much those coalitions contributed to our victory but I believe the republicans certainly underestimated the power and strength in number of these coalitions.
  2. What are your feelings after the election?


    I have shared with my friends and family that I feel a mix of exhilaration and exhaustion! I also feel joy and hope as President elect Joe Biden rolls out his Build Back Better plan which will improve our lives.
  3. What are your thoughts on where the US is heading in the next four years?


    President elect Joe Biden has already begun work on dealing with the global crisis of COVID-19. He has already been reaching out to world leaders and he will work to rebuild the broken bridges in foreign relations of the past four years. From the beginning, I saw Joe Biden as the candidate who had the experience and vision to restore, rebuild and reinvigorate relationships to tackle our global issues together.

Julia E. Torres, Colorado

Foto: Marcelo Argolo

Colorado har historisk vært en republikansk valgkrets, men har siden 2004 stemt demokratisk. Staten har hatt stor tilflytting og har fått 50 prosent flere stemmeberettigede enn i 1960. Colorado er omringet av republikanske stater med unntak av New Mexico.



Julia E. Torres bor i Denver og er bibliotekar og foredragsholder. Hun ga oss tidligere i høst 9 tips til bøker vi bør lese for å bli anti-rasister.

Her er Julias svar på spørsmålene våre:

  1. Can you sum up the result in the presidential election in your state?

    My state turned blue which has been really great. We also managed to pass a number of local ballot initiatives that I felt were very important. For more information, you can read here:

    And here:

    2. Did the result suprise you? (Please specify why, why not)

    No, because Colorado has experienced huge population growth over the last four years. Many people from California and East Coast cities that are more expensive have been moving here. As a result, people who are more conservative and want to live in more rural areas (and who have historically voted Red are moving to the Midwestern part of the US).

    3. What are your feelings after the election?

    I’m optimistic, but the race was so close I still have very mixed feelings. I believe it will be very likely that we will remain as racist as ever because of the illusion that we have “won” something with this election. People will very likely be lulled into a false sense of complacency.

    4. What are your thoughts on where the US is heading in the next four years?

    Again, I’m optimistic but also more dedicated than ever to the cause of justice. There are still major systemic problems and I’m doubtful that one four year term is going to undo more than 400 years of oppression and injustice. The facts are that many Americans, no matter what they say, are accustomed to and fine with oppression and marginalization of minoritized people, because it keeps a status quo in place that they benefit from. Until we shift this society to become one that rewards those who look beyond their own personal advancement, I’m not so sure we will ever–any of us–get free.


Ron Genini, California

Mr. Ron Genini

California er den staten som sender flest valgmenn, 55 i tallet. Den folkerike staten har fått et stort antall latin-amerikanske velgere og disse har vært med på å tippe skålen i demokratisk retning. 2020-valget viser en klar ledelse for Biden i denne staten.

Mr. Gemini er pensjonert historielærer fra Fresno, California. Han skrev 4 luftposter til oss tidligere i høst der han forklarte hvorfor han støttet og støtter Trump. 

Difor støttar eg framleis Trump

Som ung støtta eg Demokratane

Media i seng med Demokratane

Trump får ting gjort

Her er svarene fra Mr. Ron Genini:

  1. Can you sum up the result in the presidential election in your state?


    It’s true that Trump has not behaved as a traditional politician because he isn’t one, he’s a businessman and I think this is one of the main reasons he has so many who supported him. I all my life I have never heard crowds shouting “we love you” to any politician, no matter how popular he/she was – but we’ve heard it with Trump. I don’t think people can be non-committal re Trump – they either love him or loathe him, and I haven’t seen this phenomenon either.
  1. Did the result suprise you? (Please specify why, why not)


    California was no surprise. It’s a heavily Democratic state and the results of the state’s electoral votes were announced (as they have been for many elections) within a few seconds of the polls closing.

    As I posted on Facebook on Monday, the election is not really decided yet – Biden is not the president-elect yet; the electoral college decides that in early December when the states have certified the election results. I know the media has named him “president-elect” but the media doesn’t do the “crowning” (as much as they think they do), the electoral college does. He is charging that there is massive fraud and from what I’ve seen – again, despite the media’s wishful thinking – there just might be. If so, this can go on for a while but can be settled by the 12th Amendment to the Constitution, which ultimately puts the vote into the House of Representatives, where each state would have one vote (it was last done in 1824 and last came close to use in 1968), but it is available.

  2. What are your feelings after the election?


    The last four years have been good for us (my family), so what can I say? They have been better than under Obama or G W Bush. As to foreign affairs – presidents going back to Truman have been faced with problems in the Middle East. Trump brokered peace agreements between Israel and its (former) Arab enemies, something none of his predecessors in our lifetimes has been able to accomplish. If he continues in office, this will continue; if Biden replaces him, it probably won’t from what his people are saying and have said.
  3. What are your thoughts on where the US is heading in the next four years?


    It seems unlikely that a man who couldn’t even fill a high school gymnasium (Biden) could beat a man whose popularity brought thousands to his rallies, people having to be kept out because the venue was filled, and who inspired miles-long car and truck parades (we were in one). It just doesn’t seem possible. That is why I believe the accusations of fraud in places like Philadelphia and Chicago (where the dead have famously voted for decades).



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