“Media i seng med Demokratane”

Mr. Genini har mista tilliten til tidlegare store mediehus som CNN og New York Times.

For fire år sidan las eg ei FB-oppdatering som skuffa meg, men mest av alt gjorde meg nysgjerrig. Ein av mine velutdanna, litt eksentriske, utradisjonelle og hyggelege high school-lærarar frå AFS-året mitt i USA i 1982, skreiv at han ville ha seg fråbedd at alle trudde det berre var folk utan utdanning som røysta på Trump. Var det verkeleg mogeleg?! Var Mr. Genini ein av dei som støtta Trump? Kva meiner han fire år etter?

Me er venner på Facebook. Han er no pensjonist, men «still kicking» som han seier, og gleder mange med daglege FB-oppdateringar der han skriv om historiske hendingar frå heile verda – kvar dag gjennom heile året.

Det lyser engasjert historielærar av Mr. Genini lang veg, den dagen han dukka opp i klassen iført uniform og sverd. Central Union High School, Fresno, Calif, USA. Foto@yearbook1982.

Eg utfordra han til å skriva kvifor han støtta Trump, og om han framleis gjer det. Han tok utfordringa på strak arm.

«OK. What exactly are you interested in? You know my wife and I support Trump. You must understand that anything I write will be slanted that way. Does this group (Norpublica) believe in free speech, free expression og opinion?»

«Absolutely!» skriv eg. Det er nettopp det Norpublica er tufta på.

Eg sender over spørsmål eg gjerne ville ha svar på, og seier han kan skriva så langt han vil. Målet mitt er ikkje å overtyda han om at han tek feil, men prøva å forstå kvifor amerikanarar heiar på ein person som Trump.

Her er det Mr. Genini skreiv. Uredigert.

Påstandar Mr. Genini kjem med i teksten må sjåast på som hans personlege meiningar og stå for hans rekning.(Redaktøren sin merknad)

Dette er del 3 av 4:

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Her er spørsmåla me bad Mr. Genini kome inn på i breva sine:


                                                                                   Fresno, 10.sept 2020

If you saw the Democratic and Republican conventions, you saw the difference between day and night. For the Democrats it was a funeral, with Biden in hiding and a few of the party faithful in virtual attendance; for the Republicans it was a party with enthusiastic speakers relating how a very visible Trump helped to make their lives better, concluding with a magnificent fireworks display said by old-timers to be the largest ever in Washington (unlike the Democrats’ fireworks that would be great at a high school graduation).  On top of that, when Trump concluded his acceptance speech, a number of the distinguished people who attended were attacked by Antifa mobs when they left the White House and headed for their hotels. I see Antifa running lose as typical of what modern-day Democrats support; at least their politicians (such as the mayors of Portland, Sacramento, St. Louis, Washington DC and Chicago do). When challenged to reject the mob violence, few have even uttered small criticisms, although many of the victims of the violence are small businesses.  Is it any wonder that people are leaving places like New York City and that the mayor is begging people to come back and bring their money with them?  Democratic politicians apparently favor those who take over those who contribute and build.

I think Trump will win. I have never given politicians money, but I have contributed to his re-election because I’m betting he will win. The Democrats’ candidate, Joe Biden, obviously suffers from dementia, confusion, and frequency of malapropisms; his vice-presidential choice, Kamala Harris, isn’t particularly popular in California, her home-base state (she didn’t carry it in the Democratic primary) and has a reputation as an unfair prosecutor (the Wikipedia account of her prosecutorial history was erased). He said he would shut the country down again in January 2021 if the pandemic wasn’t over and he promised to raise our taxes – I don’t think these are the formula for victory.


I agree with Trump that the media spread fake news. In his latest book, Loserthink, Scott Adams (creator of “Dilbert”) describes their business model (in fact, for all media, right and left) requires this in order to sell papers, etc. In Trump’s case, the media is in bed with the Democrats to make Trump look bad in any way they can. The New York Times, once America’s “newspaper of record”, and CNN, once highly rated for its coverage of the fall of the Soviet Union, Tiananmen Square and the first Gulf War, are now the most egregious in vilifying the Trump administration. They misconstrue his actions, his words, and his policies. When caught in lies or untruths they seem to have a “so what?” attitude. When, for example, ABC reports that a certain Democrat politician says something against Trump it is reported as if was the Gospel truth. An example is in reporting on illegal immigrant families being separated at the border and confined; when they were reminded that the Obama administration was the one to order these separations and confinements, they merely toned down their accusations that Trump was the ogre, never crediting it to Obama, as honesty would have required. Here I’ll exaggerate but an example of the media’s approach to Trump would be that if Trump walked on water, they would report “Trump can’t swim.”  The liberal media has also followed the Democrats’ claim that the riots tearing cities such as Chicago and Portland OR are “peaceful demonstrations” – even with burning buildings in the background of their reporters presence; however, when the polls showed that the American public wasn’t fooled, and Biden suddenly decided to condemn the rioting and disorders, the media blamed Trump for inflaming the situation – which they suddenly discovered. This is typical – and Orwellian. I hope the voters aren’t fooled by it; I don’t think they will be.

Generally, I listen to the local radio station, KMJ-580AM, a conservative outlet; I watch ABC News with David Muir as the newscaster (a liberal) and Fox with Tucker Carlson, a conservative pundit, and Greg Gutfeld, a panelist. I read articles in Time Magazine online.  I also subscribe to the (liberal) Fresno Bee and to the (conservative) Investors Business Daily, as well as the (conservative) National Review magazine, and to the (conservative) Conrad Black’s articles in his American Greatness and his contributions to other publications. In addition to his columns, I also follow Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist historian, and Dan Walters, who probably knows more about California government than anyone else alive (Hanson and Walters appear in The Fresno Bee and online). I also enjoy Scott Adams’ psychological insights into politics, since he has no axe to grind and is a non-partisan who also supports Trump.

Mr. Genini

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