Luftposten til Carole Lieber forklarer hvorfor hun vil støtte Biden i årets presidentvalg.

– Biden vil løfte nasjonens sjel

Carol Lieber var en av de som tidlig gikk ut og støttet Joe Biden. Hun har kjent den demokratiske presidentkandidaten i en årrekke.

Carole Lieber er en av de mange frivillige som i en årrekke har jobbet for demokratiske kandidater i USA. I vinter gikk hun fra dør til dør som valgkampmedarbeider i forbindelse med flere av primærvalgene i USA. Carol Lieber var en av de som tidlig gikk ut og støttet Joe Biden. Hun har kjent den demokratiske presidentkandidaten i en årrekke.

I midten av juli skulle hun ha deltatt på Demokratenes landsmøte i Milwaukee i Wisconsin. På landsmøtet deltar 4.750 delegater som diskuterer politikk og velger demokratenes presidentkandidat. Carol Lieber er en av 3.979 såkalte «pledged delegates» som er sendt for å stemme på en av demokratenes presidentkandidater. De resterende er 771 frittstående delegater eller såkalte «automatic delegates» ofte omtalt som superdelegater.   Lieber var en av kandidatene som ble valgt i hjemstaten Virginia, for å stemme på Joe Biden på landsmøtet. Men korona pandemien satte en stopper for landsmøtet i juli. Det fysiske landsmøtet ble avlyst og Carol Lieber fikk ikke delta på landsmøtet som bare holdes hvert fjerde år. I stedet ble landsmøtet utsatt til midten av august, holdt virtuelt uten deltagere i Milwaukee, og gjennomført med sendinger fra  New York City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Wilmington.

Carole Lieber og presidentkandidat Joe Biden.
Carole Lieber og presidentkandidat Joe Biden. Foto: privat


I denne «luftposten» forteller hun om hvorfor hun stemmer på tidligere senator og visepresident Joe Biden. 


There are lots of reasons I support Joe Biden. His character, honesty, integrity, the things he has fought for as a senator and as a Vice President.  Earlier in the year, before the pandemic caused public events to shut down, I campaigned in VA , South Carolina, Massachusetts, Iowa and New Hampshire, going home to home and attending rallies. So many people told me they were voting for Joe because they know him; because he understands their pain, whether it be someone who has lost a job, comes from a blue collar neighborhood, has a loved one who served in the military, is a union member, or lost a family member to cancer.

Joe Biden connects with the voters on a personal level like no one I have seen before. He took the time to speak with everyone at an event who had a question for him, meeting with people after the cameras have gone and staying at an event to have a personal conversation long after the crowds and media have left. He takes the time to listen. And he connects. He “gets it.” The volunteers I worked with who travelled from all over the country to help in other states reflect the diversity of this country. His staffers are equally diverse. One of his African American staffers shared that she is often asked why Joe has such strong support from the African American community and she responded “He knows us, he grew up with us, he is us.”

Joe Biden comes from humble roots, at a young age his father lost his job, his family had to move to find work. As a young man he lost his wife and daughter in a car accident and was raising two young boys as a single dad while also dealing with mounting hospital bills. He later worried as his son Beau served our country bravely overseas, as so many families do, and mourned his death from cancer. Many Americans can personally relate to his struggles as they face them themselves. This was true early in the campaign and especially true in the middle of this pandemic with so many suffering, families torn apart, businesses closed, children struggling to learn in a virtual environment.

Joe Biden’s combination of heart and experience will restore the soul of the nation and will also rebuild the bridges we desperately need with our foreign allies. We have lost their trust during this administration and we cannot solve global issues without global cooperation. Who is better positioned to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran nuclear deal than the person who helped forge those agreements? As someone who loves to travel, I have experienced firsthand how the USA has lost esteem with our global partners and allies. Last year travelling in Europe I could not walk down a street or sit in a restaurant without either hearing someone speaking negatively about Donald Trump or asking me why I had voted for him. I soon found myself telling people I met that I had not voted for Donald Trump but instead had worked hard to elect Hillary Clinton. In my decades of travelling overseas, I have never experienced such disdain directed toward a President of the United States.

I am the sister of a Marine Corps officer, who attended military school in Oslo at the Norwegian Defence University, and went on to work for over a decade at NATO as a Marine Corps officer, defense contractor and a member of NATO staff. I cannot speak for my brother, but I know he worked throughout his career to build bonds with our allies, including his colleagues in Norway, and to support the mission of NATO. As a military family member, I believe the disrespect, disregard, and disdain Donald Trump has shown our military, our veterans, and our allies shows he does not have the skills or character to serve as our Commander-in-Chief.

I am voting for someone who believes in supporting our military, supporting education, who believes in science, who respects our allies. I am voting for a leader who will work on global issues with our global partners. I am voting for Joe Biden to restore the Soul of the Nation and restore my country’s standing in the world.


Carole Lieber

Arlington, VA

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